Facebook superorgansim #161 (6/19/20)

Products sold by companies
        using prison labor
Head + shoulders
"prisoners desperately want these jobs
       and covet them" "who...
             is a tattoo artist?" "39 years working
 in the field
    of surgery...not a single one of us
 from rebreathing..."
     "on his bike ride in front of our house...circle and
        in front of our window again
               and looked right at..." PG&E pay "3.5 million
for 84 deaths
   and the destruction
       of a whole community" "one of the purposes of corporations
 is to shield actual persons
    from liability" There Is No Actual, Only
                    Force "as Five
  People of Color
      Are Found Hanged" "calls $600 unemployment checks
          a 'disincentive,' expects..." (Kudlow) "hear
       some frogs and
              birds" morning
                  in one of the marshes
   that feed