Facebook superorganism #160 (6/18/20)

Today my heart
       is shattered... "Even if it's just
   hug you
 while you cry" "Just ordered
     a box
       and got an instant reply" Tides (triptych) "when
you're working on ending
 an oppression...people
           will rightly
               mistrust you" wearing his mask for
   warmth and dancing to the music
       "carotid hold around his neck"
"officers have STILL NOT been charged
                  in taking" "will we ever
   really know
      how old he is?" You might
get your
       from cleaning "To Give Tribes Their
          COVID-19 Relief Funds"
(Judge Orders)
    NORWAY: ...require 3 years of training
          to become... "found hanged in Texas school
  parking lot" "no signs
                of foul play" (local Police)
depression -> revolution "a wild god
        comes to the table"
  now on FoodRunners!
     Revival (1 of 2) the mission system has been
            glorified "their right
  to free speech" "the plant
            does not climb""institutions have promoted
and even defended
  that false notion
           over the years" in the shade of riverbanks
                 with sandy soil