Facebook superorganism #159 (6/17/20)

"The destruction of statues...
         not the wiping away
    of history...
            not letting you boast about it..." fired
for exposing corruption
                       in her department "the importance
            of having a mentor" Facial
        Recognition "help me
  this thorny bush" "can't figure out
  if it's safe to eat
         soft shell
now? Anyone know??" "If you've never
had a supreme court case
       decide IF you have the same rights
              as others..." No More
    in Cages: Thousands Gather
Now Available at Hannaford, "bit long but well
          worth..." "where
   the information will stop
        and he will only be given
                          a region" "I'm
of russian jewish descent. My grandmother's village..." Detail
     of a Mendocino windmill
"that he was a difficult, special
                          client" LAPD Lamborghini parked
      in a disabled spot "This world is filled
     with lost souls
 and demons"