Facebook superorganism #158 (6/16/20)

Butterfly experts?
   ...a red-spotted purple? "If they say no, you
          must ask the following:
  2. Am I free to go"
     "The government has decades of skills in
              splitting...and squashing..."
"I snack on the dried seeds toward fall. They are easy
                        to strip off..." "Acquire
       the taste
             with persistence"
Risk level: Bars -> Movie theaters -> Playing
                                      Tennis "but in my mind
       right now I feel like I'm still
 in jail, because
    ...what happened in there" "life...taken...
                     by a corrupt justice system"
Scotland votes to suspend
         tear gas, rubber bullet and riot shield exports
                to US -Independent "but why
        the shields?" "29 years of life in me...I can no longer
               nurture friendships
                    that don't nurture back" "an anti racism
  movement. If you feel attacked by it, you
      are the problem" "easy to slip
             through the cracks
                when you have no identity" if your vote
            didn't matter "let the wild Alpine
                      Strawberry season begin!!!" "the risk
   to our lives is the same. The only thing
          that's changed
is that now people don't care" For your acknowledgment
    thank you, Does anyone
about climbing roses?