Facebook superorganism #157 (6/15/20)

Let’s not forget to acknowledge Dumas… “bc he was pro
       monarchy, but a radical
cuss” Again "who very
   often protest
       when asked to wash their hands" -Gelo
Hand Soap
         "so uncomfortable...especially
               when they get loud" "feeling
like discomfort
  instead of hate" "don't
                 recognize it" "the homeless don't care
            about time travel" Most
of the tourists
have gone home (Monday) "Changing a name won't change the history, only
        bury it...names and statues are important...repeat itself" "And how
           will I know
where to take my sons
   to the beach
                 every summer?" "He was famous for the war in Mexico, do your research"
  "The Confederacy is history, it should be studied, not
               "...their white fragility, get them past their
      self-centering feels, and bring them over..." Fort Bragg City Council
                    to Discuss Name Change
"has successfully hatched at least one
       from her brood" "officers replaced
               with trained, unarmed professionals to respond...noncriminal
     Mental health
     School discipline
     Neighbor disputes
          "What if you do that though and one has a gun?" "What if
                  you do anything
 and anyone does..."
                       "who dies then?" Headspace
        can help you cope -Headspace
Now free
for the unemployed