Facebook superorganism #155 (6/13/20)

Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) (“Fox News published
           digitally altered and misleading
                  photos”) “health protections on the Pulse
        massacre...reversed...Their bigotry is…
precise” Your
             new alignment options
                                   are: “oh
 a show I never watched...”
    Nuts: 120 min
    Vegetables: 30-40 min
               “Hurt in the right ways” “I wish for this much
        in precarious times” The people who killed her
               were following it (see: Law)
“Dr. Doohan states that she has NOT opened tourism…” Hands-Down
     the Easiest Way “I stand
                       with Chase:
                            Leave the kids out of this” The Corporate
 Hypocrisy Behind Woke
       Capitalism – A Wave of Green
                                              Bills “so that you can keep
                 supporting them” “what happens
 when I don’t have
        my phone” “for sure not Mullen” 2 Black Trans Women
              Killed This Week “baked a Funfetti
      birthday cake (our first successful
                     layer cake
                mind you)” “I can’t even handle it! 😢”
Testing. Here
        Are The Sites. “Never seen this cluster
              of flowers before.” NOT
      A THREAT
          Put your cold symptoms to sleep…