Facebook superorganism #154 (6/12/20)

loving life / on the road / off the grid
   “Looks peaceful” Prepare
        for a summer… P&G at Walmart “Louisville council
   unanimously...to ban no-knock
                                        warrants” (Breonna’s Law)
             “Any good recipe for these guys…?” Tasty
  Nourishment/ We have a wonderful
     farm… “the easiest way to get rid…
                           is to move” “The left got Nascar and
           the right
   got Harry Potter”
      “Abolishing the police sounds really extreme...but makes
              a lot of sense...the optimal goal
     is here” “tall enough
           to be mistaken for a person” A White Woman, Racism
              and a Poodle -FRANKLYWRITE.COM “Massacre
                           of Black” “let’s hit reboot
               and get back to who we all are
                  at our core 😆” Starbucks bans employees from wearing…
        “Great News!...8,897 homeless related police calls
                  in the 1st half...ZERO went to
                      the Tiny Village
                       for the Unsheltered” Made
 by King Tut’s Glassmaker “has natural spring
    and 3 acres of wetlands” Your Anger
          Belongs in the Streets (Allies) MAGA rally
             in Tulsa on
                 Juneteenth “photo-sweet times
                    at Fairyland” “...the woman filming
  may have saved
      his life” Now Watch