Facebook superorganism #153 (6/11/20)

Want this movie...like the beginning of Dracula...several packs of wolves
       “Baby’s first official grave”
           “I’m interested in two things right now. Foraging
               to make tea and for smudging” “was set ablaze and hundreds
   of black community members
 were killed or...” “shall wear a mask
 or covering, except
     when partaking of meals” “my ancestors...picked…
            our property”  “Does anyone here
 happen to know
     the real name?” It all changes daily. Trends shift. Graphs bend. And we look
           for hope. Thanks… -Providers Solutions & Development
Thanks to the Goodwill Gods
         “They talk about how history shapes her view
     of the demonstrations.” -NPR
“Or the Now, Abstracted, becomes alien to itself, unreal, in discussion”
                   Weeknights 7pm   
As intended “Hog peanuts on the left”
    “made this zine about passive voice and police violence”
               Then Rebuild Them as One
 Small Facet in a Network
    of Specialized Services “your love alone is not enough”
Unjustly fire me? 😠
       within 10 days Minneapolis bans use of choke holds
  Military forces begin to withdraw
                   from D.C. “IF YOU WATCH NOTHING ELSE
        WATCH THIS”
              “but is it